Evan Lambert

Why Invest In Outdoor Blinds?

If you haven't invested in outdoor blinds for your home, now's the perfect time to add that to your list of improvements. You might think that blinds are only designed for interior use, but that's not the case. Blinds provide a variety of uses when they're installed on the outside of your home. If you're making improvements to your home, here are four reasons to invest in outdoor blinds.  Give Privacy to Your Pool Read More 

Are You Using the Right Metal Fabrication Processes?

How much do you know about how your project gets from the drawing board to the finished product stage? Many people spend their time focusing on the initial design stage or on selling the finished product. What can often be overlooked is the actual manufacturing process. An engineer may be asked whether a particular design is possible. However, there may be no opportunity to feedback possible alternative options or solutions, based on the available manufacturing possibilities. Read More 

Three Things You Need To Know When Deciding Whether Or Not To Buy Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most effective ways you can protect yourself against the threat of a blaze. However, not many in the public know all too much about fire sprinkler systems apart from what they may have seen in Hollywood movies which, in all honesty, is often far from the truth. Fire sprinkler systems are getting more and more common as the general public becomes more aware of the benefits in the real world, but there are still many common questions business and homeowners have about them. Read More 

Have You Called in a Geotechnical Engineer Yet?

When you want to know about the appearance of a structure you are building, then you would probably talk to an architect. If you want to know about the position of the building within the lot or the size of the lot itself, then you might speak to a surveyor. Who would you speak to if you were concerned about the long-term stability of the building? You might speak to the building company, the architect or surveyor since their roles will all affect the building design and construction, but a lot of what they do will be built on information gained from someone else. Read More 

Perioral Dermatitis and Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Anyone who lives with perioral dermatitis will know just how much of an annoyance the condition can be. However, if you've only recently been diagnosed with this type of recurring skin rash, you'll need to learn to live with it. And when diagnosed with this skin condition, perhaps one of the first things you'll think about is how you're supposed to protect your irritated skin from the sun. Bumps and Blisters Read More