Have You Called in a Geotechnical Engineer Yet?

When you want to know about the appearance of a structure you are building, then you would probably talk to an architect. If you want to know about the position of the building within the lot or the size of the lot itself, then you might speak to a surveyor. Who would you speak to if you were concerned about the long-term stability of the building? You might speak to the building company, the architect or surveyor since their roles will all affect the building design and construction, but a lot of what they do will be built on information gained from someone else. One of the first people to work on your proposed building site should be a geotechnical engineer. You should bring in a consulting geotechnical engineer to examine the soil on your site as soon as you have a settled location for your project. Their work will inform much of the later work which other professionals will need to carry out before building work can begin.

What will a consulting geotechnical engineer do?

When you arrange for a consulting geotechnical engineer to work on your project, they will probably want to start by talking a good look at the soil on your site. They will be looking for any indications of contamination in the soil of the site. If they do find anything concerning, they will be able to suggest remediation techniques to put the matter right and avoid any expensive legal issues which could develop if the contamination was not removed.

Another matter which will concern a consulting geotechnical engineer is the strength of the soil. They will want to drill into the soil and take samples away for analysis. They will look at the mechanical and physical properties exhibited by soil right across your site, and the surrounding land contours to see whether the location is stable and whether it is capable of supporting the structure you are proposing. In addition to examining the soil of the site, they will also check for signs of underground caves or previous work on the site that could require a change to your building plans. Gathering all of this information will allow them to determine what type of foundation will be needed for your structure and how your structure can be built safely in your chosen location.

To learn more about how they can help, call your local consulting geotechnical engineer and arrange for them to visit.