Have You Called in a Geotechnical Engineer Yet?

When you want to know about the appearance of a structure you are building, then you would probably talk to an architect. If you want to know about the position of the building within the lot or the size of the lot itself, then you might speak to a surveyor. Who would you speak to if you were concerned about the long-term stability of the building? You might speak to the building company, the architect or surveyor since their roles will all affect the building design and construction, but a lot of what they do will be built on information gained from someone else. Read More 

Perioral Dermatitis and Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Anyone who lives with perioral dermatitis will know just how much of an annoyance the condition can be. However, if you've only recently been diagnosed with this type of recurring skin rash, you'll need to learn to live with it. And when diagnosed with this skin condition, perhaps one of the first things you'll think about is how you're supposed to protect your irritated skin from the sun. Bumps and Blisters Read More 

Choosing a New Lawn When You Have a Dog

Not all grass is the same, and this is something to remember when you're in the market for a new lawn. The old lawn might be patchy and generally unhealthy, and if you want to avoid this with the new lawn, you'll need to choose one of the best types of lawn for your family. And if a dog is a member of your family, you need to choose a lawn that can withstand a certain amount of punishment. Read More 

Two Workwear Mistakes You Must Avoid

When you want to create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among your employees then one of the most effective ways to achieve that goal is by introducing a workwear policy. A company uniform has plenty of advantages. Workwear allows customers to easily identify your employees whenever they need help. For employees who need to visit customer homes, it makes it plain when someone is employed by your company and provides a sense of security for your customers. Read More 

Commercial Awnings for Advertising

An awning is a great addition to any building. Apart from being able to improve property value by a significant margin, awnings also serve to ensure that the curb appeal of buildings in which they are installed is aesthetically pleasing. In the commercial setting, awnings have an additional advantage. This is the fact that they can effectively be used for the purpose of advertising and corporate branding. The question therefore is, why is it advantageous to use commercial awnings for advertising? Read More