Paving And Roofing Options To Consider When Having A Patio Built In Your Backyard

Features such as lights, firepits and furniture add to the comfort of an outdoor space. However, when building a patio, getting the basics, such as the flooring and roof, right is essential before considering the extras. Thus, here are several paving and roofing options for a home patio.


Without paving, you can relax outside your home, but it's more of a backyard than a patio. The paving defines the area, makes it more functional and improves its appearance. You will need to consider different paving materials. One option is decorative concrete, which can be coloured and textured in diverse ways. It can mimic stone pavers, timber or slate. The benefit of concrete is that you don't have to be concerned with weeds, but you will need good drainage in the area.

Another option is pavers, which can be made of concrete or different types of natural stone, such as travertine, granite and sandstone. The diverse types of rock will give your patio a different aesthetic. Sandstone is warm-toned, granite has cool shades of grey and bluestone has an earthy look. Consider your house's external walls and the landscape, and choose a complementary rock. Natural stone is perfect for classic and traditional aesthetics, and you can add to the ambience with a matching retaining wall.

If the backyard is on a slope, you may need to use decking instead of pavers. You can use timbers such as treated pine, merbau, blackbutt and spotted gum. Each one offers distinct shades and tones. You can get advice from patio contractors regarding the best options.


The benefit of building a roof on the patio is that it gives the space more protection from the weather, and you'll get better use of the patio. It won't be so neglected during the cooler months.

Patio roofs come in different configurations. You could build a skillion roof with a slight slope for a modern look. These can be made from transparent polycarbonate, which lets the light through, or corrugated aluminium or steel. For extra versatility, install a roof with louvres that you can remotely adjust to different angles to filter the sunlight or block the rain. You can also build a timber roof out of beams and encourage climbing plants to provide shelter in the summer.

Another option is a curved roof, typically aluminium, to give your home and backyard a striking look. Or you could opt for a classic, timeless gabled roof. The roofing can be supported by timber or metal posts. Some metal posts have a faux wood finish, so you can benefit from low-maintenance metal while enjoying a natural look.

If you don't want a permanent roof structure for the patio, you can create shelter in other ways with shade sails, retractable awnings and umbrellas.

Contact a patio contractor for more information.