Three Things You Need To Know When Deciding Whether Or Not To Buy Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most effective ways you can protect yourself against the threat of a blaze. However, not many in the public know all too much about fire sprinkler systems apart from what they may have seen in Hollywood movies which, in all honesty, is often far from the truth. Fire sprinkler systems are getting more and more common as the general public becomes more aware of the benefits in the real world, but there are still many common questions business and homeowners have about them. Here are three things you need to know about fire sprinkler systems before you make up your mind about them.

Fire Sprinklers Are Less Damaging Than The Alternative

Fire sprinklers do not go off for no reason, they need to sense sustained smoke and heat before most of them will get triggered (if they aren't triggered by a button that you need to manually press). When they start working, fire sprinklers will send through a sustained amount of water to drench the area and put out any fires, which not only saves you from the damage that an out of control fire would start but the damage from the much more water-intensive methods used by firemen. It is easy to be worried about how much damage fire sprinklers will cause due to the water they let out, but if a fire sprinkler goes off it means that either your home or building was already going to burn down or it was going to be drenched in ten times the amount of water from a much stronger fire hose used by firemen.

No Less Safe Than Your Ordinary Plumbing

Being able to see the fire sprinkler system can cause people to believe they are much more likely to leak than your traditional plumbing but this is simply not true. In fact, often fire sprinkler systems are far better manufactured than traditional plumbing so the risk of leakage is very small. Even if it was as risky as traditional plumbing, the fact remains that most people don't mind taking that risk at all, so there is no added reason to be scared of this happening with your fire sprinkler systems.

Not Every Sprinkler Goes Off At Once

It is a classic movie trope that when even a tiny flame is sparked under one sprinkler the whole building's system of sprinklers will automatically go off, but this is generally not the case. Often rooms will have their own system that needs to be triggered individually before they start working. This prevents the unnecessary damage of goods when the fire is locally contained, which is far more efficient in terms of water and safety for all those involved. 

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