Top Reasons for Using Licenced and Registered Land Surveyors

Land surveying is a part of the land building process that is really important, even though it is a little misunderstood. You may need the service of land surveyors for many reasons, which may include when:

  1. You want home extension
  2. You need to build a new fence on your property
  3. You want your land sub-divided.
  4. You are experiencing a boundary dispute with your neighbour. Land surveying helps in title re-establishment.
  5. You need expert advice when it comes to land development. 

For you to qualify as a licenced and registered land surveyor in Australia, you must have gone through skilled education and tested knowledge. For this reason, as a client, you are certain of getting only a quality, expert work from registered land surveyors. Subsequently, here are some of the top reasons to only hire registered land surveyors.

Legally Qualified and Accredited

Registered surveyors have the necessary qualifications and are legally able to define the land boundaries of both the existing and new developments. Surveyors are responsible when it comes to the protection and management of the state/territory cadastre. What this means is that only surveyors that are accredited and registered are qualified to perform surveys.

Required Professional Experience

A qualified, experienced surveyor comes in handy when it comes to the provision of useful land surveying insights. Since a qualified surveyor possesses industry affiliations and experience, you will benefit from working with someone who can comply with the existing survey and land development regulations.

Legal Standing and Recognition

When facing a boundary dispute case, you should appreciate in advance that only registered surveyors have legal standing and recognition as evidence. When you do not use a registered and licenced land surveyor, you expose yourself to unnecessary costly risks relating to violations of structural encroachments and building compliance.

A non-registered surveyor who performs a survey, and thus breaks the law, cannot benefit from insurance against substandard, defective and incorrect work.

Professional Job

A registered surveyor is qualified to locate and define your property boundary. Furthermore, a registered surveyor will supply you with a signed and certified plan indicating the legal description of the land and a sketch of the marked land boundaries.

The cost for land surveying tends to differ from one land surveyor to another. However, how much land surveying costs will depend on various factors such as site location, property size, property shape and the physical features of the land. For example, in terms of the physical features of the land, it is understandable that if you have a property is situated in mountainous terrain, you will be charged higher rates because of the associated difficulty in access.