Why Not Automate Your Stock Reordering Process?

If you run a business, then you will understand how vital it is to manage your stock levels effectively. Making the wrong decisions on what to order and when to order it can quickly turn a profitable business venture into an unprofitable one as customers walk away dissatisfied. Have you considered how self-service stocktake software could help make your life easier and your business more efficient?

Two stocktaking traps

When buying stock, there are two possible traps into which you might fall. If you allow stock levels to fall too low, then you are likely to exhaust the stock before new supplies arrive. When this happens, you will lose orders since you can no longer supply what your customer needs. Conversely, if you over-order, then your shelves become crammed with goods that you can't use in a timely manner. Over-ordering means that large amounts of company resources are invested in stock that no one wants, and if any goods are date-sensitive, you must sell them at a discount or simply dump them as they expire.

How does your company manage stock?

For many smaller enterprises, stocktaking can tend to be an ad hoc operation. When it is time to refill the shelf, you walk into the storeroom and reorder if you notice that the stock level is getting low. While that may often work, it relies on someone noticing the dwindling stock in a timely fashion and remembering to place an order. Self-service stocktake software is designed to remove the risk of human error.

How can self-service stocktake software help?

Once you have self-service stocktake software set up, then you can relax and let your stocktaking system manage itself. Self-service stocktake software automates the reordering process by flagging the need to reorder as soon as your stock reaches a set level. Operating an automated reorder process in this way not only makes your stock management far more efficient but also provides you with valuable data on real sales patterns so that you can see how many items are sold and when they are being sold, helping you to build a clearer picture of future stock requirements.

If you would like more information about how self-service stocktake software could benefit your business, then talk to a supplier today. They will be able to explain how the system can be implemented and all the ways it could give your business an advantage.