How to Choose the Right Multifunction Printer for Your Busy Office

Although more transactions than ever are taking place in the digital realm and communication these days seems to be dominated by email or text, there is still a great deal of demand for paper. In fact, some companies may demand records in printed form, may not accept a digital version for whatever reason and may also need to deal with high volume. In this case, you need to make sure that your office has the best equipment you can find that is fitted with the latest technology and is designed for multiperson operation. What do you need to consider as you look for office equipment?

Making the Right Choice

In a busy, open-plan office with many individuals on the floor, you need to consider workflow and high levels of productivity. For example, your staff may need to move paper from one point to another on a regular basis while keeping copies for themselves or scanning documents for off-site distribution. As your business relies on high levels of productivity and you'll want to keep your staff as happy as possible, you will need to conduct some research first to see what type of equipment you should get.

Multifunction Printing

In most cases, you will want to acquire a multifunction printer that can handle all the tasks for you and, crucially, that will be able to deal with a high volume of throughput without any issue. Make sure that you check the specification of each product carefully and read all the reviews to see if other owners have been happy with their experience.

Speed and Output

You also want to consider the type of printer and whether or not you need speed or high-quality output. After all, if you only use the documentation internally and are not bothered about its level of presentation, then you may be able to choose a machine that features a lower resolution. These can often print out at a higher speed, especially when it comes to black and white, so consider whether colour matters to you or not.

Cost Considerations

Cost of operation will also be important, and you need to choose between inkjet or laser technology in this case. The laser machines do tend to cost more in price-per-page terms, but look carefully at the cost difference between toner and replacement ink as part of your analysis.

Networking and Functionality

Finally, consider whether you want to introduce a machine that has networking capabilities and that can be integrated with other technology on site. You may also want to introduce a tool that has a document-folding capacity or that can staple a paper set, once it has been printed.

Exploring Your Options

There are many different options available in the marketplace. Talk with an office equipment supplier such as Central Business Equipment to see what's best for you.