How Will Your Company Fare in the Event of a Fire?

Whether you are responsible for a school, a hospital, business premises or simply a private residence, fire safety is not an issue that you can afford to leave to chance. Fire safety is about much more than identifying an escape route and having a few fire extinguishers scattered around the building. To properly protect your staff and the building, you will need to work with a company like Defend Fire that offers fire protection services. They will have the expertise needed to make sure that the building is as safe to use as it possibly can be.  

What can a fire protection services company do?

Fire protection services offered by your chosen company might include the following

  • Fitting and maintaining emergency lighting
  • Fitting and maintaining fire panels along with the associated detection systems and the related hardware
  • Fitting and maintaining VESDA and gas suppression systems
  • Installing general fire fighting equipment such as sprinkler systems, fire hoses, fire extinguishers and fire blankets
  • Testing your hydrants and pumps to ensure that they remain fully functioning

Help when you need it

While it is possible to call in a company that offers fire protection services to carry out a one-off job, it is common to employ the company on an ongoing basis so that you can have complete confidence that all of your fire protection equipment remains functional and capable of saving lives in the event of an emergency. If a fire system fails, then it is imperative you are able to have it fixed without delay. When you are selecting your company for fire protection services, then make sure that they offer a full emergency service and that they can be called out twenty-four hours a day whenever you may need them.

Detailed reporting

For many premises, fire protection is a matter of law. If you need to have Australian Essential Services Maintenance Reports compiled, then your fire protection services company should do that. They will have the experience needed to compile audits and reports that meet Australian standards and which will ensure your business remains fully compliant with all of the relevant legislation.


Having the best fire protection equipment isn't much good unless your staff have been correctly trained and know what to do in the event of a fire. A good company providing fire protection services will not just maintain equipment but will also be able to offer extinguisher and site evacuation training to ensure your staff are prepared for anything that may happen.