Factors to Consider When Looking for Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair users face immense difficulty whenever they are trying to get in or out of a car or up and down the stairs. Often, the user has to get off their wheelchair to find other means to get somewhere on an upper or lower level.

After some time, it becomes cumbersome and frustrating. So what better option is there to eliminate this inconvenience? Consider buying wheelchair lifts.

Buying a wheelchair lift is no easy feat. There are specific qualities that separate one lift from the other. So to make sure you end up with the best one, here are crucial factors to consider when looking to purchase wheelchair lifts.

Wheelchair Lift Type/Design

Where is this wheelchair going to be needed most? The answer to this question will tell you the type of wheelchair lift to go for. There are three main types of wheelchair lifts. 

They include the step lifts, which are great for shorter vertical distances like getting on and of a vehicle. Platform lifts are ideal for vertical areas like schools, hospitals and other multi-storey buildings. And finally, there is the home lift designed to enhance mobility around your home.

Safety Mechanisms

How do you get on and off the lift? Is there a safety feature to keep you from rolling over? How do you control the lift? Each wheelchair lift design comes with specific safety enhancements. This not only helps improve accessibility, but it also guarantees your safety. 

Some safety features include a non-skid platform, obstruction sensors, an audiovisual alarm system, an instant brakes system and so on.

Weight Capacity

It would be wrong to assume that wheelchair lifts are all designed to carry the same weight. Most lifts can accommodate at least 300 lbs. But if you need a lift that will accommodate more weight, find a lift that can comfortably carry your weight and that of your wheelchair without developing malfunctions.

Likewise, it is also essential to factor in the size of the wheelchair lift. Is it small enough to fit in your car or in between the stairs, and is it big enough to fit your wheelchair?


The more features your wheel chair lift has, the more likely it is to be priced higher. Some of the factors that affect the price of a wheelchair lift include design, size, safety provisions and so on. It is advisable to take a moment to see whether or not the price of the wheelchair lift matches the features that come with it.

Choosing the right wheelchair lift means finding the one that best fits your needs. Above are a few factors to help you identify the right lift when you are out shopping. 

For more information, contact a wheelchair lift supplier.